Thursday, February 9, 2012

my aim for 2012 although it's already around two months we've entered 2012

1. to study hard + hard

2. to lose weight . This was my aim since last two years but nvr work! :)

3. to be a good practical teacher which actually scares me

4. to be anak yg solehah, dgr ckp papa mama

5. to spent more time with friends

6. to be a better lover to my mister

7. to try not to tinggal solat :)

8. to become a more patient woman save a lot of money for the future

10. to blog at least twice a week!haha. Let's see whether it works not

Friday, January 13, 2012

tips2 penjagaan kulit menjadi lembut

Harini saya share dgn semua readers few tips on how nk buat kulit kita menjadi lembut. Ada la a few friends and family yang tanya tentang tips ni. Padahal xtw la mmg kulit sy ni lembut ke x? Hahaha.... Tapi saya memang salute la mama saya. Die very particular about penjagaan kulit. So, below are few tips yg mama turunkan to me and Alhamdulillah sy still apply sampai sekarang.

1. Urut muka bila bangun tidur
Bila mula2 terjaga from tidur, seeloknya urut muka from tepi hidung ke seluruh muka. Yang saya ingat mama ckp sbb minyak muka masa kita baru bgn tdo tu bagus for our skin.

2. Minum air masak b4 berus gigi
If possible, after dah urut muka, minum air masak sebanyak 3 kali. Sambil minum, sambil berselawat. Cara ni mcm membantu sistem darah dalam badan.

3. Makan vitamin C
Vitamin C mmg bagus for skin. So, cube amek vitamin c setiap hari

4. Minum air only lpas habis mkn
Untuk nk petua awet muda, minum air only after 15 minutes dah hbs makan. besides utk awet muda, cara ni pun x kn buat badan jd lembik. Semua girls nk body yg solid kn ?

so, selamat mencuba :)

Saturday, December 31, 2011

WARNING : this post akan jd sgt2 emo....jd sila close if x nk baca

kau tipu aku
kau mainkan aku
kau ingat aku bodoh
kau ingat aku patung
kau ingat aku tunggul

ko betul hurt aku
kau betul buat aku dissapointed
ko betul buat aku frust

ko tahu aku x ske
ko tahu aku paling pantang dgn penipu
ko tahu aku paling benci org yg tipu aku
tp aku x sangka
selama ni aku ditipu oleh ko
org yg sgt aku syg

alasan ko lgsg x ley trime akal
ko kata sbb ko mlas nk gado ?
ada ko pk perasaan aku ?
ada ko pk how frustated i am?
lpas ko kantoi pun ko still buat bodo
aku xpna sangka ada manusia yg terlalu kayu mcm kau dlm dunia ni

after ape yg da jadi
aku da nmpak sape ko yg sebenarnya
kesetiaan aku ko maenkan
kepercayaan aku ko take advantage
hebat kau
sgt hebat
smpaiko betul2 hancurkan hidup aku
Tahniah utk ko!

nasihat aku pd ko :

kemaafan diberi cuma ble asyik diberi and ko asyik take advantage semua tu dah hilang. semua perasaan tu da lari mcm layang2. belajarlah menghargai perasaan org yg ko syg. istilah nk tunjuk ''cool'' x pna wujud dlm hidup aku and aku mmg bnci istilah tu. if ko rse ape yg ko buat tu cool, let me tell you something


Friday, December 16, 2011

Right now tgh busy nak hbskan thesis and preparation for finals

After that............


Working hard towards something

Sila tunggu

Mari sama-sama guess what it is :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

ombak 'wedding'

sekarang ni boleh la nak dikatakan tgh zaman ombak 'wedding'. semua yang berlaku di sekeliling mostly revolves around wedding. Siapa yang x suka wedding? Semua org especially girls mmg suka wedding. Including saya yang asyik duk berangan nak kahwin :P

my all time favorite aunty, kak oya will be getting married january ni. Now, bila dah time pun dah x lama, semua org dah start excited and happy with the preparation sbb dah lama x ada wedding belah papa's side. I was so happy when kak oya texted me on fb and mintak jadi pengapit die for akad nikah, I was so honored :). Abg adam is a very nice man and i'm sure dia boleh jaga kak oya and their future kids :)

Around this two three weeks, I've been meng'busy'kan myself gak la with the wedding. Who's wedding that i can menyibuk if not hers? hahahhahahahahaha! For the moment, dah setel 1/5 of the bunga telur for reception dkt concorde. And have 400 more to go! Insya Allah boleh setel. Eventhough ktorg buat dua org aje, it's tired + satisfied. Tok nab need more rest now because of her health condition. While doing the bunga telur, we laugh, we share stories. And in a month time, my kak oya will be someone's wife .

last wednesday, ikut kak oya and tok nab g semua house to buy things for hantaran. Frankly, all the shops would drive me crazy sbb x tw nk pilih ape and yang mana suitable dgn budget. Tapi, when I see all the things, dah mula la sesi berangan sorg2 nk theme color ape, nk design mcm mana etc. Kak oya's theme color for akad nikah will be lilac. Purple is my favorite color. Byk jugak la brg yg ktorg beli..

so, kak oya getting married + lilac color for akad nikah = double excitement!

tomorrow will be a held a meeting among the family members to distribute tugas for everyone during the wedding :)

And,another suprise came in mase tgh excited kak oya nak kawen. A friend of mine is getting married too. In fact, she's the first who's getting married in our batch. On 22nd January, the same day dgn kak oya reception. Jadi, saya and my mister tgh dlm dilemma. Sbb ktorg nk g both weedding.We plan to take flight pergi and balik sama hari. Tp, bila da survey flight, mahal2 flight nye...Ada x sesape yg sudi nk sponsor tiket utk ktorg g and blk to penang???? heheheheh

Tapi sy mmg respect la dgn aliaa and kepeng ni. Dorg couple since form 2. Which can be said that at time, usually bdk2 sekolah ni still ''cinta monyet''. Tapi siapa sangka cinta monyet ni la yg bring them together till now and dah nak kahwin this january. Kepeng is my mister's friend. And die pun is the first one to get married dlm batch diaorg. Right now, semua rakan-rakan sekalian tgh excited yg dorg ni nk kawen. First time jumpa kepeng mase dorg dtg during open house dkt rumah sp. A friendly boy tp suka bully aliaa . Maybe sbb ketinggian die kot....heheheheh. Tp , i'm sure that one's of the reason make them together

Oh, lagi satu. My kakak is getting engaged+ married soon. Next week, dia akn bertunang and kawen by early february. She's going to further her pHD dkt oversea soon. This happiness actually ada it's own meaning. It is personal to mention about it here. Tapi, saya mmg sgt2 happy my kakak dah nak kawen after go through byk challenges with their relationship. At last,they are being blessed :)

Everyone is getting married. Congratulation :).

saya pun nk kawen tp x tw ble........... tnggu sy and my mister hbs study dulu k :)

Saturday, December 3, 2011


for attractive lips, speak words of kindness
for lovely eyes, seek out the good in people
for a slim figure, share your food with the hungry
for a beautiful hair, let a child run his/her fingers through it everyday
for poise, walk with the knowledge you'll nvr walk alone
if you ever need a helping hand, you''ll find one at the end of your arm.
as you grow older, you will discover that u have two hands,
one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.

love this quote. Taken frm marie claire magazine


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Manusia diberi peluang utk hidup cuma sekali
so, we must make full use of it
Many people when we say ''make full use of it''
they think of other things

When you've grown up
You have ur own choice to decide
What you want to do

Tak ada sapa nak marah or kisah ape pun you buat
You are free like a bird

No one cares what time you will be back home
no one cares with who you went out
no one cares you want to go clubbing
no one cares you want to skip classes
no one cares if u only want to enjoy and enjoy

But after some times,
Muhasabah balik diri kita
Always try to get closer to Allah
Try to take advice from other people
And think about what u really want to do in ur life
When you get closer to Him and have faith in whatever have been decided for you
Life will be more meaningful eventhough u can't and u don't enjoy your life to the fullest